Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service membership includes the following:

Food'n'Drink  - organising emergency food packs, weekend shop, weekly and monthly grocery shop

     Car  - reminder of due dates and organisation of service, insurance, road tax and MOT, wash & valet, weekend health check etc

     Children - organising parties and entertainment, clothes, tutors, emergency school collection, nanny, child minding, babysitting

     Pets  - organising walking, grooming, pet sitting, boarding, training, vet

     Events  - tickets booked etc, and you have access to our Events Manager who can separately organise everything from your conference to your wedding!

     Errands  - we can pick it up and drop it off if it is local

     PA Service -  email us to order clothes etc, find flights or car hire, source spare parts or hard to find items, do these things you always meant to do - and never got around to!

Again, you only pay for staff and services used outside the office.

Full Service - 

is for those of you who want - or need - both the housekeeping service AND concierge. The majority of our busy clients take this service. You don't need to think about anything - just throw it at us!

Join myOrganiser and have your own Personal Organiser at the end of an email or phone to organise all these chores - and more. How you use us is limited only by your imagination - as long as it is decent, legal and honest! We collect your membership by Standing Order and simply invoice you for any additional services used. Drop us an email for further details - and remember with our Housekeeping Only service, you do not even have to pay a membership fee if that is all you require! 


...or contact us to ask us how myOrganiser can make YOUR life easier!


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