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& Lifestyle Management 
Cleaning the Bathroom

Welcome to myOrganiser Lifestyle Management Services... making YOUR life easier!

click HERE to watch the video below to see and hear how life can be with myOrganiser!

::NEWS FLASH:: COVID-19 Disinfection for your home

If somebody in your home as been infected by the coronavirus known as COVID-19 or you fear that you have been in touch with somebody who has, we can come to your house with a choice of methods to kill not only various viruses but bacteria too.
Click on the picture to see the choices and find out more about Fogging and Steam Cleaning where we use a portable medical grade steam cleaning machine which has been designed and built specifically for the health industry. Surfaces are left dry after cleaning thanks to the machine's integral vacuum system. Destroying bacteria, it has also been certified in removing super bugs – including MRSA. ​

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Housekeeping Only - we have our own highly trained and security checked staff who will take care of your housekeeping such as cleaning, laundry, ironing etc for a minimum 2 hours in Edinburgh city only. We can provide additional services such as window cleaning and dry cleaning if local.

Or if you want more than cleaning services, you can join myOrganiser for a monthly or annual fee to take advantage of our Lifestyle Management service. 

Domestic Bliss - is the name of our service where you pay a small monthly membership fee which covers us organising your housekeeping as above plus organising any trades services such as gardening, plumbing, painting, electrical, roofing, dry cleaning (not local to home), shopping etc.

Apart from that we are a key-holding company and can house-sit to await appointments, operate a laundry service, run errands and water your plants - anything to make your home run smoothly.

You only pay for services used. 

Food'n'Drink  - organising emergency food packs, weekend shop, weekly and monthly grocery shop

Car  - reminder of due dates and organisation of service, insurance, road tax and MOT, wash & valet, weekend health check etc

Children - organising parties and entertainment, clothes, tutors, emergency school collection, nanny, child minding, babysitting

Pets  - organising walking, grooming, pet sitting, boarding, training, vet

Errands  - we can pick it up and drop it off if it is local

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